Keynote Speakers



 Dr. John Gøtze
 Dr. John Gøtze leads the Executive Master program in IT Leadership and Management at the IT University of Copenhagen, John is also a lecturer at Copenhagen Business School where he lectures and supervises projects in EA. He served as President of the Association of Enterprise Architects (a|EA) from 2008-2010, and Chief Editor of the Journal of Enterprise Architecture. He is co-founder of the Danish think-tank EA Fellows. He has served as enterprise architect at the National IT and Telecom Agency in Copenhagen, and participated in developing the Danish national policy for a government-wide enterprise architecture and interoperability framework that included a service-oriented architecture. In the EU IDA program, he was involved with developing the European Interoperability Framework under the eEurope program. As a civil servant, Dr. Gøtze co-authored several Danish and Swedish official policy documents, including the White Paper on EA in Government and The 24/7 Agency: Criteria for 24/7 Agencies in the Networked Public Administration. He holds a Ph.D. in Technology and a M.Sc. in Engineering, both from the Technical University of Denmark
  The Next 20 Years of National Enterprise Architecture Programs
Abstract: Government is constantly changing. The new wave of digitalization is different from the e-government efforts from the turn of the century, and government agencies must today deal with a higher level of complexity in strategy-business-technology relations than ever before. Enterprise architecture is a holistic approach to dealing with this complexity and to create and deliver value from digitalization. In this presentation, Dr. John Gøtze will share over 20 years of experience with enterprise architecture in government and offer practical guidance on how to adopt enterprise architecture for digital business of government over the next 20 years.


 Roger Evernden
Highly successful track record of leadership and influence in Enterprise Architecture, as a consultant, keynote speaker, and writer. International experience of applying enterprise and business architecture at more than 200 leading organizations in 25 countries around the world. Author of Enterprise Architecture - the Eight Fundamental Factors and 101 Lessons From Enterprise Architecture; Developed the Information FrameWork (IFW), used by IBM in the Financial Service sector
 Beyond National Frameworks – integration and collaboration across borders

Abstract: Many countries have developed, or are developing, their national enterprise architecture framework. But enterprise architectures always exist in a bigger and broader context… so how should architects position national frameworks in an international context? What do architects need to consider to allow integration, cooperation, and collaboration with architectures from other countries? What do national architecture frameworks need to support our long-term sustainability and survival on this planet?




 Dr. Jongsup Choi

Senior Research Fellow, Center for Defense Acquisition

Korea Institute for Defense Analyses (KIDA)

  Lessons from Korean e-Gov EA In search of EA Success Factors for Iran
Korea is one of the leading e-Gov EA countries in the world.
Though Korea learned EA knowledges from advancd countries, Korea has established its own e-Gov EA.
First, I will discuss background information for EA talk.
Second, I'll introduce Korean e-Gov EA and talk about Korea's successful experiences.
Finally, I'will discuss what are EA Success Factors for Iran with Iranian audience.