Call for Papers


We welcome submissions on any topic of enterprise architecture, including, but not limited to:

EA frameworks and reference models

  • National reference models
  • Industry reference models
  • Data architecture
  • Application and software architecture
  • Technology infrastructure architecture

EA design, implementation, evaluation, and maintenance

  • EA design techniques and patterns
  • EA implementation methodologies
  • EA maturity models
  • EA artifacts evaluation
  • EA quality attributes

EA standards and tools

  • EA governance
  • EA modeling tools

New approaches in EA

  • Value-driven EA
  • Agile EA
  • Service-oriented EA
  • Model-driven EA
  • EA and cloud computing
  • EA and big data
  • EA and IoT

EA case studies

  • EA best practices and case studies
  • Results of enterprise architecture
  • EA success stories

E-government architecture

  • EA in e-government
  • Business process re-engineering in e-government
  • National reference models and e-government
  • E-government infrastructure

Enterprise Engineering

  • Enterprise modeling
  • Enterprise ontology
  • Enterprise knowledge management
  • IT and business alignment
  • Business process modeling and management

Service Engineering

  • EA and SOA
  • Service adaptation
  • Service design and implementation

All questions about submissions should be emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.